AACC Brown Bag Series

The series was established during the Fall of 2013 as a community-building lunch-hour program that enabled campus and community partners to share academic, artistic and activist works-in-progress. To date, 31 participants have presented brown bags on topics as wide ranging as their participation in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, exhibition projects that consider the likeness of the Venus Hottentot, and the process of art-making using garbage and re-purposed materials.

**All brown bags are free and open to the public, and are often live tweeted on presentation days.

SPRING 2015 Brown Bag Sessions:

Date Organization Title of Brown Bag
 Jan.15 AAAN & AACC #CommunityMatters: Student Engagement Activities with AAAN & AACC
Jan. 22 AACC; Graduate Assistant, Jacqueline Smith (curator) “The American Negro Exhibition: A Preview”
Jan. 29 AACC & CCUSC “Peoples State of the Union: Public Story Circle”
Feb. 5 AACC & Prof. Johari Jabir “Brown Bag After Dark: Opening Reception for the American Negro Exhibition”
Feb. 12 Dr. Ebbin Dotson “The Iconography of Contagion”
Feb.26 Skyla Hearn “Community Archiving: Skyla Hearn, UIC Resident Archivist for Social Justice”
Mar. 5 Office of Sustainability “Bike Pedestrian Report”
Mar. 11 UIC Disability Resource Center & UIC Dialogue Initiative “Black Deaf Culture & History: A conversation with Benro Ogunyip”
Mar. 19 DuSable Museum of African American History “Freedom & Resistance: The Afro-American Experience with Charles Bethea”
Apr. 2 UPPF /Institute for Policy & Civic Engagement (IPCE) “Urban Public Policy Fellowship (UPPF) Program Informational Session”
Apr. 13 God’s Gang Founder, Carolyn Thomas  “Heritage (organic) Farming Techniques”
Apr. 20 Farmer “Pop” Ivy & Rev. Dr. Al Sampson “African-Americans, Agriculture and Activism: A roundtable discussion with members of George Washington Carver FARMS”


FALL 2014 Brown Bag Sessions:

Date Organization Title of Brown Bag
Sept.25 AACC “Scandal: Season Premiere Screening & Discussion
Oct. 1 Honey Pot Performance “Mapping as Archive & Social Justice: Building a People’s History of House & Chicago Social Culture”
Oct. 8 Latino Pre-Medical Student Association “Surviving the Pre-Med Track as a First Generation College Student”
Oct. 15 Friends of Spartacus “Fight for Socialism”
Oct. 22 Trio Upward Bound “What is Upward Bound?’
Oct. 29 Mexican Students of Aztlán (MeSA) “Beyond Struggles”
Nov. 5 Talk of the Town – Toastmasters “Communication is Key”
Nov. 12 Delta Psi Alpha “Do You Know the Wolf Pack?”
Nov. 19 UIC Heritage Garden Interns “Reusing, Repurposing, and Recycling: From Garbage to Artwork”
Dec. 3 On Building Community Book Club  “The Global Issues of Police, Privatization of Intelligence Agencies and Increased Militarization Around the World”


FALL 2013 – SPRING 2014 Brown Bag Sessions:

Date Organization/Person Title of Brown Bag
Oct.9 Brittney Hopgood “The Will to Adorn”
Oct.17 UIC Heritage Garden Interns  “Creating a Sustainable Future”
Oct.23 Kay McCrimon “Fannie Barrier Williams and the Unpardonable Sin of Social Equality”
Nov.14 AACC Student Interns “Then, There and Here: African-American Veterans from the Battlefield to the Classroom”
Nov.15 Jacqueline Smith “Charles Frederick Worth: Victorian Fashion Design”
Nov.21 Professor Robert Rydell “African-American Presence at World’s Fairs”
Dec. 5 Dr. Lori Baptista “Devil in the White City”
Feb.12 Jacqueline Smith “Negotiating Power: Sexuality and the Black Female Form”
Apr.23 Symone L. Simmons “Gender Who? Trans* College Student Gender Identity Development”
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