The artists listed below exhibited their work as a part of the AACC’s Visiting Artist Series (1992-2012).  The Center will be launching a retrospective exhibition series in February 2016 and invites these artists to exhibit works in our Gallery and Library spaces. The application deadline for the February 2016 show is January 22.  For additional information, please complete and submit the application form or contact our offices directly.

Adams, Mike October 19th-November 13th 1992 “African-American/A Perspective of Life”
Cousins, Ruby April 20th-May 22nd 1992 “Paradise”
Delsol, Brigitte December 12th-December 31st 1992 “Warm Reminiscence”
Duerson, Audrey November 16th-December 11th 1992 “Variations of Me”
Frost, Anthony May 29th-June26th 1992
Glenn, Beverly March 6th-April 16th 1992 “ArtWorks by Beverly Glenn”
Greene-Velez, Kenn October 1st-October 18th 1992 “Samana: the Sound of Liberty is Sweet to Our Ears”
Hammond, Charles January 23rd-February 3rd 1992
Hughes, Anthony February 3rd-February 28th 1992 “Portraits in Black and White”
Jones, Henry September 1st-September 30th 1992 “Reclaiming Rituals
Lidell, Gilles July 20th-August 28th 1992 “The Sources of My Artistic Impressions”
Patterson, Tommye C. June 29th-July 17th 1992 “Paintings”
Rodriguez, Juan June 29th-July 17th 1992 “Stained Glass: A Way with Light”
Tayari, Kyoma September 15th-September 17th 1992 “Afrika Bazaar”
Adams, Ann 1993 “Ann Adams’ Artwork”
Anderson, Charles August 2nd-August 20th 1993 “One Man’s Opinion”
Bey, Delecia February 1st-March 12th 1993 “Born Blue: A Personal Tribute to Chicago Blues in Memory of Theresa Needham”
Bird, Stephanie January 31st-February 24th 1993 “Personal Metaphor”
Bracey, Michael May 3rd-June 18th 1993 “Sistuhs: She’s Every Woman”
Brown, Yolanda R. November 1st-December 10th 1993 “Painted Spirits, Soulful, Spirited, Human Still Lifes”
Glenn, Beverly December 13th-December 31st 1993 “Reflections of Serious Thought”
Joseph, Cliff August 28th-September 30th 1993 “Art as Protest”
Osborne, Kay January 24th-February 28th 1993 “Oil Paintings by Kay M. Osborne”
Rodriguez, Juan October 1st-October29th 1993 “Tribute to Cinquera and Other Glass Works”
Scivally, Juan June 21st-July 31st 1993 “Alchemy & The Reincarnation of Thought”
Sengstacke, Robert March 1st-April 30th 1993
Timms, Snow June 11th 1993 “The Commemorative”
Gibson, G.L. November 1st-January 23rd 1994/95 “The Black Life Series”
Huey, Yvonne Marie October 3rd-October 28th 1994 “Generations”
King, Bernard June 1st-June 30th 1994 “When I Was a Kid”
McKinzie, Laurance March 1st-March 31st 1994 “Spiritual Renderings”/”Pastels and Multi-Media”
Pride, Walter Lavon July 5th-August 21st 1994 “The Women”
Rozelle, John August 22nd-September 30th 1994 “Recent Works: Works on Canvas and Paper”
Sister Israel and Soul Vegetarian Restaurant February 25th 1994 “Fashions from Ghana, West Africa”
Williams, H. Mark and the Cultural Messengers February 1994 “Umoja (Unity) Concert”
Anderson III, Charles L. July 1st-August 20th 1995 “Why”
Bird, Stephanie January 23rd-February 28th 1995 “The Burning Bush-Landscapes from Amhermland, Australia Part 1”
Diaz, Adrian Tio October 3rd-November 3rd 1995 “Huellas/Traces: The Graphic Work of Adrian Tio Diaz”
Favors, George Milton April 10th-May 12th 1995 “A Sharp Spectrum”
Mitchell, Gail June 1st-June 30th 1995 “More Than Skin Deep”
Murphy, Sidney P. November 6th-December 31st 1995 “Synergized: the Mind’s Eye”
Nyambi, Obaji August 21st-October 3rd 1995 “The Heritage Series”
Roberts, Dorita March 1st-April 7th 1995 “Negritude”
Acuna, Jesus June 3rd-June 28th 1996 “Images”
Anderson III, Charles L. July 1st-August 22nd 1996 “Profile of A Black Woman”
Felix, Jorge September 30th-November 1st 1996 “The Body Construction; A Statement of Puerto Rican Identity”
Foreman, Quinton E. January 25th-March 1st 1996 “Reflections of Life”
Haydon, Madeline August 23-September 27th 1996 “Breath of Color”
Huey, Yvonne Marie November 4th-January 31st 1996/1997 “Reflections”
Jones, Henry L. March 4th-April 5th 1996 “On the Edge”
Lovely, Kim E. January 11th-Janurary 24th 1996 “Mississippi Bauhaus?”
Schiffer, Harriet B. February 6th 1996 “Kente Cloth: Cloth of the Asante Kings”
Stuckey, Martine April 8th-May 31st 1996 “Dye Lots”
Stuckey, Martine April 8th-May 31st 1996 “Minorities – Privileges and Stereotypes”
Brown, Milbert Orlando January 28th-March 3rd 1997 “Joy: A Celebration of the Black Experience”
Coleman, Maceo July 1st-August 21st 1997 “Spiritual Awareness”
Conley, Dorsey T. November 3rd-November 28th 1997 “The Bull Run: Historic Overview of a Championship”
De Soignie, Eduardo April 1st-April 30th 1997 “Para Matar al Chivo, (To Kill the Goat)”
Morgan-Lewis, Lillian March 3rd-March 31st 1997 “Sacred Art/Transcending Cultural Differences”
Puerto Rican Cultural Festival March 24th-March 28th 1997 “Spiritual Awareness”
Smoote II, Jim Silas June 2nd -June 30th 1997 “Urban Vision”
Tio, Adrian March 25th 1997 “Puerto Rican Culture”
Weaver, Ian Fraunz October 1st-October 31st 1997 “Ian Weaver: Recent Works”
Williams, Cheryl August 25th-September 30th 1997 “Metamorphosis”
Aina, Sola July 1st-July 31st 1998 “Treasure View”
Bracey, Michael October 1st-October 30th 1998 “Human Condition”
Donson, Ruthie January 19th-February 27th 1998 “Celebrities”
Harris Jr., Alfred June 1st-June 30th 1998 “Pastels”
Murphy, Sidney P. March 2nd-March 31st 1998 “Synergized: the Mind’s Eye”
Perry, Dorothy August 24th-September 30th 1998 “Dorothy Perry: Recent Work”
Smoote II, Jim Silas December 1st-December 31st 1998 “Urban Portraits”
White, Grant G. November 2nd-November 30th 1998 “Stories in Bronze”
Zone III April 1st-April 30th 1998 “Shame and Hope”
Bianco, M. Victoria June 1st-June 30th 1999 “Beating Time”
Frazer, Ricardo Amando August 23rd-September 30th 1999 “Art as Ritual: The Art of Ricardo Amando”
Hayes, Marian L. May 3rd-May 31st 1999 “Fabri•cations: Cultural Riches in Words and Stitches”
Jaha, Niambi April 1st-April 30th 1999 “Africa to America: Bridging the Gap”
Jones, Henry October 1st-October 29th 1999 “Urban Cotton: Paintings and Interactive Links”
Lovelace, Michelangelo November 1st-November 30th 1999 “Growing Up in the Hood”
Márquez, Luis August 2nd-August 22nd 1999 “Urbe”
Mitchell, Frank Vincent July 1st-July 30th 1999 “Seeking Resonance”
Spruce, Simone Renee March 1st-March 31st 1999 “400 Years of Silence: Afrocentricity”
Wade, Antonio December 1st-December 31st 1999 “A View from the Planet: A Look into the Universal Relationship of All Phenomena”
Washington, Dale February 1st-February 26th 1999 “Power of Creation”
Anderson, Charles December 1st-December 29th 2000 “Untitled”
Harris, Greg February 1st-February 29th 2000 “The World According to Harris: 10 Years of Controversial Cartoon Commentary”
The International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry (ISDSA) June 1st-June30th 2000 “A Tribute to Our Enslaved Ancestors”
Mosby, Sisi Donald March 1st-March 31th 2000 “Sisi Donald Mosby, Retrospective: Looking Back”
Oni, Sunday November 1st-November 30th 2000 “Many Handfuls”
Onli, Turtel January 3rd-January 31st 2000 “Rhythmism: The Future of Black Art”
Slaughter, Kwabena Prentiss September 1st-September 29th 2000 “Return Through the Door”
Spruce, Simone Renee October 1st-October 31st 2000 “400 Years of Silence: Afrocentricity Second Book of ESDRAS”
Cassani, Belen March 1st-March 31st 2001 “Streams: United Through Art”
Chicago Alliance of African-American Photographers July 1st-July 31st 2001 “The Journey: The Next 100 Years”
Delsol, Brigitte October 1st-October 31st 2001 “After God, the Land”
Drake, Daniel F.J. January 2nd-January 31st 2001 “America’s Ethnic Diversity”
Foreman, Quinton E. November 1st-November 30th 2001 “Recovery-Evolution in Stained Glass and Mixed Media”
Haydon, Madeline August 1st-August 31st 2001 “Let There Be Light”
Onli, Turtel February 1st-February 28th 2001 “Black Age Comic Books”
Smoote II, Jim Silas December 1st-December 31st 2001 “Urban Portraits II”
Washington, Dale September 3rd-September 28th 2001 “Power of Creation II”
White, Grant G. May 14th-June 29th 2001 “Scratching the Surface”
Williams, Cheryl April 2nd-May 13th 2001 “Chameleon”
Bird, Stephanie December 1st-December 31st 2002 “Plants: Remembered, Revisioned and Reconfigurated”
Duerson-Carter, Audrey January 1st-January 31st 2002 “Variations of Me, II”
Glenn, Beverly June 1st-June 28th 2002 “Paintings and Works on Paper: A Continuous Study of Color and Texture”
*Grand Boulevard Community Arts Initiative August 1st-September 31st 2002 “A Day in the Life of Bronzeville” (Group Photography Exhibit)
Kedem-DuBose, Makeba November 1st-November 30th 2002 “Connecting Elements”
Mitchell, Eugene October 1st-October 31st 2002 “Stake Out and Other Illustrations”
Morgan-Lewis, Lillian April 15th-May 31st 2002 “Birth and Rebirth”
Onyemachi, Ngozi Roseline Okoye July 1st-July 31st 2002 “Many Handfuls: Ibo Cultural Heritage”
Stuckey, Martine March 1st-April 13th 2002 “Scenic Views”
Conley, Dorsey T. September 1st-September 30th 2003 “A Melodic Rendezvous”
Harris, Alfred June 1st-June 30th 2003 “Blends: Pastels”
Hickling Patricia J. and James F. Searing April 1st-April 30th 2003 “The Age Of Elegance: Portraiture And Fashion In Urban Senegal, 1900-1950s”
Johnson, Robert October 1st-October 31st 2003 “Elemental fusion: Wood, Fire, Sand, Paint “
King, Melvin May 1st-May 31st 2003 “Chicago Artist from Bronzeville”
Marshall, Keri James February 1st-February 28th 2003 “Selected Early Works”
Petulla, Marie March 1st-March 31st 2003 “Celebrating Friendship”
Ray, Kenneth November 1st-November 30th 2003 “Diversity in Creative Art”
RHB August 1st-August 31st 2003 “Untitled”
Rozelle, John January 1st-January 31st 2003 “John E. Rozelle, Mixed Media Work”
Rozelle, John January 13th-January 21st 2003 “Mixed Media”
Rushemeza, Duhirwe December 1st-December 31st 2003 “Journey Through the Eyes of a Child”
Searing, James April 1st-April 30th 2003 “Urban and Senegalese From the Great War to the Age of Elegance 1914-1930” (the name of his book)
Thompson, Lowell July 1st-July 31st 2003 “Chicago, Fer Real”
Buckley, Gloria April 1st-April 30th 2004 “The Art of Gloria Buckley”
Campbell, Kevin July 1st-July 31st 2004 “Unleashed”
Hawkins, Juarez August 1st-August 31st 2004 “Wimmins Work”
Laoye, Dayo January 1st-February 29th 2004 “Evolution”
*Muhammad, Arminta December 1st-December 31st 2004 “Spirit”
Onli, Turtel May 1st-June 30th 2004 “Spiritual Legacy: The Vision of the Rev. Samuel David Philips and Turtel Onli, His Grandson”
Tyler, Al October 1st-October 31st 2004 “D&PWB: Drawing and Painting while Black”
Tyler, Anna November 1st-November 30th 2004 “Environmental Expressionism”
Williams, Trish March 1st-March 31st 2004 “African-American Quilting: The Message is in the Cloth”
Ann Faust, Carol Sawall, and Helen Moseley September 1st-September 30th 2004 “Synergy”
Alleyne, Marcus Sterling November 1st- November 30th 2005 “The Final Word”
Beck, Sherman May 1st-May 31st 2005 “Mindscapes”
Benjamin, Paul April 1st-April 30th 2005 “Defining the Lines of Color: A Patriotic View of America”
Flowers-Smith, Katie February 1st-February 28th 2005 “I Seek to Find Serendipity”
Gill, Dr. Mary January 1st-January 31st 2005 “Caribbean Tales: Places Vaguely Remembered”
Harris, Greg August 1st-August 31st 2005 “15 Years of The Angry Cartoonist”
Hayes, Marian L. June 1st-June 30th 2005 “Something to Keep You Warm”
Sims, Carolyn September 1st-September 30th 2005 “Surrealism in Motion”
Valdes, Zoraida October 1st-October 31st 2005 “Painting after Retiring”
Washington, Jennie Scott July 1st-July 31st 2005 “Reflections”
Watson, Russell March 1st-March 31st 2005 “A Soul Case Study: New Work”
Coleman, Angela K. October 1st-October 31st 2006 “Angela: A Work in Progress”
Collins, Timothy September 1st-September 30th 2006 “Inconsistent Working”
Embry, Tyrone July 1st-July 31st 2006 “Art by Embry”
Hood, Naomi June 1st-June 30th 2006 “Vessel Arts”
N/A December 1st-December 31st 2006 N/A
RHB February 4th-February 28th 2006 “Circles”
Smothers, Garrick L. August 1st-August 31st 2006 “Transparency”
Stewart, Patricia A. May 1st-May 31st 2006 “Eclectic Element”
Tao, Emmanuela April 1st-April 30th 2006 “Naked Before God”
Taylor, Pearlie November 1st-November 30th 2006 “Latent Expressions”
Turner-Crawford, Arlene March 1st-March 31st 2006 “Hoo Doo Too”
Alleyne, Marcus Sterling April 1st-April 30th 2007 “Marcus Alleyne: Following The Truth”
Armstrong, Cousandra August 1st-August 31st 2007 “Genius of Nature”
Brown, Monica J. March 1st-March 31st 2007 “The Cycle and The Search”
Cotton, Phillip June 1st-June 30th 2007 “Linear Abstraction”
Freeman, Orgean May 1st-May 31st 2007 “Retrospect”
Hayes, Marian L. December 1st-December 31st 2007 “Sewlar Panels”
Lee, Angela November 1st-November 30th 2007 “Life-Lines”
Malcolm, Nicole September 1st-September 31st 2007 “The Seen and the Unseen”
Onli, Turtel January 8th-January 31st 2007 “No Evils”
Parker, Iris Dawn July 1st-July 31st 2007 “Portraits of South Africa”
Radcliffe, Donna October 1st-October 31st 2007 “This Day”
Toles, Cheryl M. February 1st-February 28th 2007 “Diversity- A Solo Art Exhibit”
Beck, Sherman June 1st-June 30th 2008 “Realms and Abstractions”
Embry, Tyrone July 1st-July 31st 2008 ” Embry’s Spirit and Soul”
Gray, Rhonda Larissa May 1st-May 31st 2008 “Color My Love”
Hayes, Marian December 1st-December 31st 2008 “The Zen of Blackeyed Peas”
Kedem-DuBose, Makeba August 1st-August 31st 2008 “1808: A New Works by Makeba Kedem-Dubois”
Onli, Turtel October 1st-October 31st 2008 “The Blacker the Hero”
Owens, Frederick R. March 1st-March 31st 2008 “Mediascpes I”
Smothers, Garrick L. September 1st-September 31st 2008 “Materials and Process”
Swilley, Clareatha April 1st-April 30th 2008 “Christ Revisited”
Toles, Cheryl M. November 1st-November 30th 2008 “Continued Blessings”
Turner, Bobbiette February 1st-February 29th 2008 “Reflections and Transitions”
Alleyne, Marcus Sterling February 1st-February 28th 2009 “Following the Truth Part II”
Armstrong, Cousandra September 1st-September 30th 2009 “I See the City”
Norman, Pamela E. April 1st-April 30th 2009 “Love, Life, and Inspiration”
Reed, Damon July 10th-August 31st 2009 “Crowne Royal”
RHB June 1st-June 30th 2009 “Of Stuff and Objects Found”
Ross, Dorothy J. March 1st-March 31st 2009 “Out from the Earth”
Stein, Veronica May 1st-May 31st 2009 “Blak is Brite: A Performance in Brown”
Stewart, Patricia A. November 1st-November 30th 2009 “Integrity of the Human Spirit”
Taylor, Pearlie October 1st-October 31st 2009 “Conceptual Tensions”
Collins, Tony December 1st-December31st 2009 “(R)Evolutionary”
Alleyne, Marcus Sterling November 1st-November 30th 2010 “The World is Yours”
Beck, Sherman September 1st-September 30th 2010 “Verticular Life: On Horizontal Planes”
Henderson, Santana August 1st-August 31st 2010 “Love: Transition of My Soul”
Niang, Maty March 1st-April 30th 2010 “Visage de Femme”
Olu, Yaounde July 1st-July 31st 2010 “Other Times, Other Places: Perspectives in Visual Imagery”
Park, Frances Callaway June 1st-June 30th 2010 “Voice, Vision, Victory”
Radcliffe, Donna February 1st-February 28th 2010 “Metaphoric”
Smothers, G.L. October 1st-October 31st 2010 “Metamorphosis: Early Concepts to Recent Works”
Taylor, Shaz May 1st-May 31st 2010 “Ambiguous Perspectives”
Zuberi, Jabari December 1st-December 31st 2010 “Rose Land”
Branton, Paul March 1st-March 31st 2011 “The Color Beneath Our Skin”
Brown, Monica J. October 1st-October 31st 2011 “Trees”
Flowers, Katie August 1st-August 31st 2011 “Emasculate”
Gibson, Philippe September 1st-September 30th 2011 “An Evening in the Garden: The Return of the Prodigal Son”
Hayes, Marian L. July 1st-July 31st 2011 “The House on Grant Street, Clarksdale, Mississippi”
Jarred Christopher April 1st-April 30th 2011 “Searching for Balance”
Jones-Etu, Tia G. February 1st-February 28th 2011 “The Human Condition”
Onli, Turtel May 1st-May 31st 2011 “Passion Fruit: The Other Chicago Black Art Movement”
Taylor, Garland January 3rd-January 31st 2011 “Muses, Mentors, and Masquerade”
Lee, Angela January 2nd-January 31st 2012 “Boxers in the Ring”
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