Ida: In Her Own Words

Last night we had an awesome program – Ida: In Her Own Words, a book signing and student performance which paid homage to Ida B. Wells-Barnett, activist and anti-lynching crusader.  This program was one in a series of programs that coincide with our latest exhibition, The Reason Why.  

Students from the UIC TRIO/Upward Bound Program created and performed, “The Antipathy of Black Inequality: A Tribute to Ida B. Wells-Barnett.”  These college-bound performers held the audience captive as they traced the life and times and ups and downs of Mrs. Wells-Barnett.  

The guest of honor was speaker and author Michelle Duster, who enthralled us with her down-to-earth musings about Black history, her great-grandmother, and the two books that she has written about Ida B. Wells.  

Photo:  Artist, Sarah Walker presents painting Imageto Michelle Duster