Meeting the Artist : Emory Douglas, The Will to Adorn

During my exploration of the Will to Adorn exhibition at the Folklife Festival, I was struck by the subject matter and vividness of these illustrations. Because they were so awesome, I had to stop to take pictures for the AACC blog, unknowing of the artist who produced them at the time. Image

Soon after taking the pictures, a man stopped me and kindly asked that I would send the pictures that I captured to him. I was confused and skeptical, but I collected his information and proceeded to inspect the rest of the exhibition  The next day, after publishing an open discussion post regarding these illustrations, I sent all the images of the illustrations I collected that day to the man. I then grew curious, and decided to google this mystery man.

Shocked and embarrassed, I found that the mystery man is none other than the artist who produced them! His name is Emory Douglas and from my understanding his work opens conversations about social and political issues as well as issues surrounding African Americans.

Mr. Douglass’ bio, as well as prints and other items that are available for purchase, can be found on his website :

Check him out!

Mr. Douglas,

Your work speaks volumes and is truly amazing. I apologize for my bewilderment and ignorance during our first encounter!