The Reason Why The Colored American Is Not In The World’s Columbian Exposition – Talk Radio 1690 AM, WVON – Today at 3:00pm

Tune in today, Saturday, September 26th for a live and lively conversation with panelists from the upcoming UIC Chancellor’s Lecture, “The Reason Why.”  The panelists,, along with the UIC African American Cultural Center’s assistant director, Kay McCrimon, will begin the conversation at 3:00pm.

The program will take place on Talk Radio WVON, AM 1690; it is in conjunction with the Chancellor’s Lecture that will take place on Thursday, September 26th from 6-8pm at the DuSable Museum of African American History.  Please tune in today at 3:00pm for a fascinating look at the African American perspective of the World’s Columbian Exposition that took place here in Chicago in 1893.  

You don’t want to miss it!Image