Upcoming Events


Polymathic Performance

September 15,2017 /AACC Gallery

An evening of live music and dialogue with Chicago artist and rapper-songwriter Damon Lamar Reed, in celebration of his Polymathic exhibit, on view at the African-American Cultural Center now through December 15, 2017.


September 6- December 15 /AACC Gallery

Self-curated by Chicago-based artist Damon Lamar Reed

Polymathic meditates on human versatility and Reed uses diverse media including print, mosaic, poetry and music to help the onlooker discover themselves and their potential.







 Cavalcade of the American Negro 

September 6- December 15 /AACC Library

Cavalcade of the American Negro uses objects, images and historical narrative to explore the legacy of the Chicago’s 1940 American Negro Exposition. The exposition in the Chicago Coliseum marked 75 years of African-American freedom from slavery. The exposition featured accomplishments of black Americans to public audiences. Cavalcade of the American Negro offers an intimate glimpse into the often hidden history of the United States.

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