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 In Retrospect: An Exhibition Series, Oral History and Archival Project

Long before it was formally established, the African-American Cultural Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago (AACC) served as a catalyst for activism, artistry and scholarly analysis of Black diaspora experiences. Established as a result of decades of campus and community advocacy and activism, in 2016 the AACC will mark its 25th anniversary through a retrospective exhibition series curated by AACC staff, and an oral history project supervised by AACC director Dr. Lori Barcliff Baptista. Anchored by rigorous engagements with the Center’s archive and stakeholders, this project invites campus and community partners to participate in the labor of reflecting upon the desires, narratives, programs, practices and historic events that have influenced the scope of work of the Center to date, with an eye towards future endeavors.

Project parameters include facilitated dialogues with faculty, staff, alumni and current student activists, lecture-demonstrations, arts workshops, and other focused activities that highlight the historical and contemporary issues, events, programs and experiences that have contributed to furthering the Center’s mission and purpose.

The AACC is actively reaching out to members of our campus and extended communities to participate in anniversary programming in the following categories:

1. Exhibitors whose work was previously showcased as a part of the Center’s Visiting Artists’ Series (1991-2012) to display original, handcrafted Fine Art Photography, Graphics, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Video, Digital Photography, Pottery/Ceramics, Wood, Fabric Art, or Jewelry in our Gallery that best represents the following themes: • Social Justice • Environment • Abstract  (No advance fee is required)

2. Alumni and current members of Mojo’s Pen, one of Chicago’s longest running spoken word series to participate in the Oral History and Archival Project and National Poetry Month programming in April, 2016

3. Current UIC undergraduate students interested in participating in the Oral History and Archival Project. A number of paid and credit-bearing research opportunities are available for students to be trained in archival research and oral history methods that will prepare them to conduct interviews with UIC Alumni, past and present students, faculty and staff.

4. UIC Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Allies interested in being interviewed for the Oral History and Archival Project.

To participate, please click on the link below and submit the form to uicaacc@uic.edu


Lori Barcliff Baptista, PhD



UIC Peace Project