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Cheryl Williams


I have studied Computer Graphics and Graphic Design at Columbia College. The combination of attending Columbia College and other schools contributed to my exploring visual arts. I'm a person that loves creative challenges that has the hands on direct approach. I'm very visual mentally and mechanically inclined. The combination of challenging myself with new explorations has added to a variety of growth opportunities. I'm always challenging the unknown to create or change. I become bored very easy and this is why I'm always seeking new ventures that keep me continuously thinking. I once had an interest in traveling throughout the world but that has diminished over the years. I realized that the greatest travels are right under your nose and all you need is is true imaginative experiences. I take great pride in being different than the normal. I have never strived to be a clone of someone else's or their accomplishments. I'm more interested in the side of people that they try to hide from actual view. Most of my work is abstract and at this current time my vision is exploring the challenges of photography and public art.

I love to teach children within environments that create opportunities that focus on their creativity. They further inspire me to being a free spirit. They continuously engage you with their energy of endless questions and physical movements.

Artist Statement Heading link

“Visual arts opens the freedom to express to showcase work that is uniquely different than other creative media. Through this art it is always hand on of which allows the individuals to be in touch with their work every step of the way with direct contact.

As an artist you create art through your minds eye that develops self gratification that you feel during the creative stages to finish images. The inspiration that I envision are from within. A vision comes to me and won’t go away until it is released. Over the years of exhibiting the audiences have expressed themselves as very appreciative people, and have open interpretations and statements about what they like or dislike. I’m very open minded and take things as they come by placing everything in their own space.

Most of my art work has been abstract images using different mediums. I’m currently using the camera to capture images that are combining natural and man-made surroundings in outdoor environments…

I’m also using public spaces to create images and am always seeking new ways to expose the arts. Experiencing the art as an instructor through the minds of children’s uninhibited innocent and raw visions is always a growing challenge.

I’ve taught visual arts classes and programs through art centers and schools. I’m currently engaged in creating visual art opportunities for children using public spaces. I strongly believe in passing on knowledge of life experiences.”