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Marcus S. Alleyne Biography


A Mixed media artist, Marcus explores the presence of the sacred in his everyday life as a primary source for inspiration and content of his paintings. His interest in art as a tool for social change has led him through the journey from free expression of urban art spray-painting to the innovative, creative, and unique presentations he now offers in his dynamic work. His art sensibilities bring a distinctive look to the variety of media he uses in creating his images. Growing up amidst the architectural richness that Chicago offers, Marcus has extended his acumen and repertoire in art through formal education, internships, and travel throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. Currently, his artwork is enjoyed by galleries, universities, and in the homes of private collectors.

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I want to create something that represents me as well as the things that inspire me and motivate me and there is nothing more powerful in my life than the music I listen to on a regular basis, one of the most frequent played is jazz … Blues, jazz, & rock and roll, even hip hop groups possess something special in the experience of live musicians improvising with one another creating a blend of rhythms. I don’t sketch any of the paintings or drawings out beforehand … instead, every piece is a one-of-a-kind, spontaneous & improvisational interpretation of a band of musicians using primarily black paint or marker on a white background … similar to a free-style musician, I create aspects of each piece based on harmony and balance of the characters that play in the painting … since Jazz is a major part of the music of my upbringing on Chicago’s South Side, it is a natural element of my self-expression. Simple, yet bold outlines are my chosen palette to create a visually majestic melody of legendary musicians as my muses.

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“I love art. All types of art inspires me. From drawing and doodling, to painting and sculpture, I have always had a passion  to create. I feel like art is a way to communicate to the present world without knowing its tongue. Art’s inimitable fingerprint is left for future generations to examine and interpret. Art is a way to make a house feel more like a home. And to some people, art is a way of adding value to their standard of living. It’s no surprise my art, then, is a melting pot of the ideas and interpretations of the art I absorb.

Abstract art has always been a favorite of mine because of its ability to bring a new reality into existence. Art stays an ever-evolving idea of our ancestors to capture the minds of people to this day because of its inventive nature. Art animates practicality. Ultimately, we are all creations of the one original artist and designer of all things, God. So, in His likeness, is my existence. Prepared through daily prayer and meditation, completed by celebration, the art I create undergoes a process reserved for magical potions and medicinal concoctions I simply ask that you take a journey with me into an image, so that together we might see the same common goal and work towards in it unification.”