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Artist Statement

"The Work of art makes the statement or it does not. Look. Listen. Feel. Decide. For when the observation occurs the visual experience becomes complete."


The Art of RHB Heading link



RHB’s exhibition, “Untitled”, is a series of abstract , nonrepresentational images on canvas. RHB accents his canvases with natural elements such as sand, wood chips, rocks, dried leaves, shells, rusted metal, broken glass, dirt, and other found objects. RHB’s initially casual interest in art has become a passionate pursuit. Self-instructed, RHB’s approach to art has been influenced by abstract expressionism and the New York School of Art.


RHB’s exhibit, “Circles”, uses acrylic and graphite on canvas and paper to explore, by theme and variation, a series of geometric images designed to stimulate imagination. RHB’s initial, casual interest in creating art has become a passionate pursuit. Self-taught, his style has been influenced by his study of abstract expressionism. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry, the Gallery d’Estee, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Of Stuff and Objects Found”

RHB’s exhibit, “Of Stuff and Objects Found”, features everyday personal and household items along with found and not found objects and an array of stuff, including rocks, sand, dried leaves, shells, rusted metal and dirt. Sometimes he combines his stuff and objects with canvas and paint, sometimes not. RHB is a self taught artist influenced by abstract expressionism, the New York School, Dadaism, and Minimalism. His paintings have been exhibited at the juried Black Creativity Art Exhibit of the Museum of Science and Industry, the South Side Community Art Center Annual Art Auction, the African-American Fine Art Show Chicago, the Village Hall Gallery of Lincolnwood, Gallery D’Estee, and the African-American Cultural Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago.