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Tia Jones-Etu


College began for me in 1979 majoring in Commercial Art. After two years of study and training in that field I realized I wanted to do art for art sake! I decided to learn as much about as many mediums as possible. I studied wood shop, photography, fiber art, light metals but mostly paintings and drawings which is why it's natural for me to mix mediums in my work. Passion is the human condition and in pursuit of this passion, I have been taken to the homes, museums, down the back alleyways of different cultures in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Zacatecas and Brazil to date. I've traveled to Brazil for one month as an ambassador of the arts, linking Brazilian and American culture together.

Artist Statement Heading link

“My name is Tia Etu, I’ve studied art in Chicago, Paris, London, and Zacatecas and served for a time as an Ambassador of the Arts in Brazil.My life long endeavor has been to improve the quality of the human behavior and experience. I do this through art whether I’m creating it or teaching it. My objective in teaching art is to build young minds and imaginations by teaching them how to create from what’s inside of them and how to incorporate that with technical skills.


My personal art captures social inequities in powerful and unique ways. Life experiences and travels have sat me at the table of many cultures, be it across the sea or across the border lines of Chicago- giving me first hand knowledge of what it’s like to be “the other”. The pathos depicted in my pieces reaches across all borders of race, gender orientation, and religion, and grabs the viewer with a very real sense of human longing for acceptance. I welcome challenges and appreciate being given the opportunity to have my work viewed.”

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