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Daniel Clark

Mi nombre es Daniel Clark, soy Mexicano-Americano, tengo 23 años, y sueño con ser un artista de música completa. Estoy buscando oportunidades para ser orientado por alguien que tenga experiencia en la creación de música y escritura creativa para que pueda obtener una comprensión más profundo del arte.

I have experience composing, producing, recording, and writing music. I self-released my debut studio album, Aventura, on April 12th, 2019, and I have garnered local success. Following my release, I’ve participated in a handful of radio interviews with WLUW 88.7fm and Vocalo Radio 89.5fm. In addition, both stations continue to air my music.


On Aventura, I tell various aspects of young adulthood. I share stories of my struggle with changes and depression, pursuit of a dream, and my commitment to becoming a figure that challenges norms and inspires new heights for future Mexican-American artists.

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