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Fred Hampton’s Rainbow Coalition: The History and Impact

Joshua Campbell


This project is about the late Chicagoan and Deputy Chairman of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Fred Hampton, and his involvement with the multiethnic and diverse alliance known as the Rainbow Coalition. These poems will cover the history of its partner organizations, their impact on the city of Chicago, and the fantastic leaders behind the coalition. This creative collective of poems is meant to illustrate how poor and working-class Chicagoans of all races joined together to fight the corrupt system.

Poem 1 – Fred was. (Fred Hampton as a revolutionary)

Poem 2 – Cha Cha and his kin (Jose Jiminez and the Young Lords origin)

Poem 3 – a king’s fear (Poor people vs. Daley)

Poem 4 -Repaint (The Rainbow Coalition’s True Mission)All free write poems were written by Joshua Campbell.