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Give Her Her Flowers

Jackie Wilson

Give Her Her Flowers

This is a painting of a multifaceted figure in today’s Black freedom struggle named Jasmine A. Barber. I wanted my project to not only bring attention to a local artist and activist, but to give her her flowers in a personal sense. This was the best way for me to express my gratitude. Since I’ve known her, she has always done her best at making space for Black femmes in primarily white or white adjacent artistic spaces. Similar to the way Chicago has ongoing issues with segregation and gentrification, the city’s art spaces often follow suit.

Jasmine, also known as Jay Bambii, has been an eloquent force against racism, patriarchy, and agism in order to make young artists feel comfortable and safe. She is currently working to build a home for young people on the Southside, hoping to provide therapy, lessons in agriculture, and other restorative resources. Other than activism, she is a talented rapper, teacher, and tarot reader. I wanted this painting to exude the warm, loving energy I see in Jasmine. I also wanted to counteract the strong “brutish” way dark skinned women are portrayed in the media, and capture joy in her smile and the bright colors. The medium used was acrylic paint on canvas.