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Archive: 1993

Visiting Artist Series 1993 Heading link

Artist Dates Year Title
Adams, Ann 1993 "Ann Adams' Artwork"
Anderson, Charles August 2nd - August 20th 1993 "One Man's Opinion"
Bey, Delecia February 1st - March 12th 1993 "Born Blue: A Personal Tribute to Chicago Blues in Memory of Theresa Needham"
Bird, Stephanie January 31st - February 24th 1993 "Personal Metaphor"
Bracey, Michael May 3rd - June 18th 1993 "Sistuhs: She's Every Woman"
Brown, Yolanda R. November 1st - December 10th 1993 "Painted Spirits, Soulful, Spirited, Human Still Life"
Glenn, Beverly December 13th - December 31st 1993 "Reflections of Serious Thought"
Joseph, Cliff August 28th - September 30th 1993 "Art as Protest"
Osborne, Kay January 24th - February 28th 1993 "Oil Paintings by Kay M. Osborne"
Rodriguez, Juan October 1st - October 29th 1993 "Tribute to Cinquera and Other Glass Works"
Scivally, Juan June 21st - July 31st 1993 "Alchemy & the Reincarnation of Thought"
Sengstacke, Robert March 1st - April 30th 1993
Timms, Snow June11th 1993 "The Commemorative"