Black History Month 2019

Celebrate Black History Month with the AACC!

The African-American Cultural Center will explore history, literature, and beauty ideals by developing programming that will probe these areas.

Lunchtime Reading Room

Come and join the conversation! Each Thursday in February we will discuss short and thought-provoking selections by black poets and authors. Discussions will be facilitated by African American Studies faculty and lunch will be provided. Reading will be circulated ahead of time

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The Politics & Culture of Black Hair

The African-American Cultural Center will explore the fascinating cultural history of black hair. Black hair is an expressive medium, one integrally linked to the economics, politics, and aesthetics of black life in the Diaspora. Programming will probe the shifting politics of black hair and look closely at the ways black folks have cultivated hair as a source of respectability, identity, and community, and as a tool of resistance to dominate beauty ideals. We will also examine how the aesthetics of hair reflects ongoing debates about femininity, masculinity, and sexuality within black communities. The African-American Cultural Center’s Black History Month Program is the first phase in the development of an exhibition on black hair and black culture to be mounted during the 2019-20 academic year.