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Fun Fridays


Suggest videos, short films, readings, and activities for weekend relaxation.

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March 4, 2022Get Outside!


The weather is beginning to warm up! Try to get outside this weekend. 


February 25, 2022Happy Friday!


It’s the end of the week! What are some fun things you have planned for this weekend? Let us know down below! 

art institute

February 18, 2022Art Institute Free Days 


Art Institute admission is free on Mon, Thurs, and Fri up until March 17 for Illinois residents. Check out the website for more information!

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February 11, 2022Books


Are there any books you all have read for leisure? What are some of your favorites?


February 4, 2022Indoor Activities 


Happy Friday! Since it’s snowing, how do you keep yourself entertained while being indoors? Let us know down below! *image from*

January 28, 2022Chill Out


This weekend, make some hot chocolate and enjoy a movie! What are some of your favorite movies at the moment?

music notes

January 21, 2022Karaoke 


Turn on the instrumentals to your favorite songs and play karaoke at home with your friends!

November 19, 2021The Holidays


What are some of your favorite things about the holidays?

apple orchard

November 12, 2021Apple Orchards 


A fun activity for you and your friends this and any fall is going to an apple orchard! Check out one close to the Chicagoland area.

November 5, 2021Have A Great Weekend! 


We’re at the end of the week. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


October 28, 2021Origami


Since it’s getting colder, some activities will have to be done inside. Here is an activity that you can do that doesn’t require going out! · PPOWeb resultsHow To Make an Easy Origami Butterfly (in 3 MINUTES!) – YouTube


October 22, 2021Fall and Winter Activities in Chicago


*image from

What are some fun fall/winter activities to do in Chicago? Let us know below!

October 15, 2021Haunted Houses 


It’s getting closer to Halloween. Here are 10 haunted houses that are near the Chicagoland area.

October 8, 2021Pumpkin Patches 


If you’re willing to make the drive, check on these pumpkin patches!

October 1, 2021UNO!


Uno is a card game enjoyed by many, but played differently. Whether you play stacks, normal or any other way, what are your rules to playing uno?

September 24, 2021Art Institute 


Take a trip to the Art Institute! There are also opportunities to go for free, click this link to see if you qualify!


September 17, 2021Fun Night In 


If you’re on campus and enjoy being inside, here are some fun things you can do in your dorm!

September 10, 2021Fun Around the City 


What do you guys like to do for fun on the weekend in the city? Let us know down below!

September 3, 2021“Tracing Our Roots” 


Tomorrow the DuSable Museum is hosting “Tracing Our Roots”, a concert by the Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra.

August 27, 2021Fall 2021 Involvement Fair 


The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Fall 2021 Involvement Fair is taking place August 31- September 3! Read more info here:,members%20connecting%20with%20you%20directly.

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