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Mindful Mondays


We take time to set ourselves up for the week with quotations and videos that promote wellness and self-care.

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January 31, 2022Self Reflection


It’s the last day of the month! Try some mindful self reflection on how the first month of the year has gone so far.

January 24, 2022Relax!


Happy Monday! In between classes or whenever you have free time, try to relax and practice being in the moment.

November 15, 2021Adult Coloring 


Coloring was an enjoyable activity as a child, but adult coloring can also have many benefits, including relaxing the brain. Here are some adult coloring pages from Crayola

fall trees

November 8, 2021Fall Mindfulness 


Fall is here in full swing! Here are 6 mindfulness rituals that you can practice this season!


November 1, 2021New Month


It’s a new month. Try to plan out any big events or assignments to stay organized and decrease stress.

October 25, 2021Create Your Own Mindfulness Routine


You can create your own mindfulness routine. Here’s how!


October 18, 2021Autumn Leaves Meditation


Fall is here and the leaves are soon going to start changing. Here is an Autumn Leaves Meditation you can do once that happens.

October 11, 2021Indigenous People’s Day

Today we are recognizing #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

October 4, 2021Information on Mindfulness 


Happy Monday! Here is some information on mindfulness, including different types of meditation!


September 13, 2021Lunch Hour Meditation 


Good Afternoon! Here is some meditation you can do during lunch hours.


August 30, 2021Mindfulness in College


Wondering how to practice mindfulness in college? Here are 5 ways:

August 23, 2021First Day Back!

Welcome Back to UIC Students and welcome class of 2025!

#Chicago #UIC #UIC25 #monday #student #firstday

August 16, 2021Practice Mindfulness 

*image from*


Happy Monday! Classes start in a week, and it’s important to make sure you a ready and refreshed. Take time this week to practice mindfulness.


August 2, 2021Mindful Walking 


Happy Monday! For this week, try to get outside or stay inside and practice mindful walking.

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #mindfulness #mentalhealth

July 26, 2021Practicing Mindfulness


Happy Monday! Here are 5 ways you can practice mindfulness with everyday tasks.

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #mindfulness #mentalhealth

July 19, 2021Mindful Mornings


Happy Monday! For today, we want to encourage you to make your mornings more mindful!

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #mindfulness #mentalhealth

July 7, 2021Check-In


We’re over halfway through the year, so we thought it’d be good to do a mental check-in. Take some time to reflect.

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #mindfulness #mentalhealth

June 28, 2021Shower Meditation


Next time you take a shower, try incorporating meditation and mindfulness.

#Chicago #UIC #UIC25 #Mindfulness

June 21, 2021Sleep Meditation


When going to sleep tonight, try this 20 minute meditation for easing into sleep.

#UIC #UIC25 #chicago #mindful #mindfulness


June 14, 2021Mindful Pausing 


Happy Monday! A mindful activity that you can try is mindful pausing. Take a few seconds to read about it here:

#UIC #UIC25 #chicago #mindful #mindfulness

June 7, 2021Mindfulness over Multitasking


Multitasking can actually do more harm than good. Here’s an article on why choosing mindfulness over multitasking is beneficial.

May 24, 2021Mindful Listening 


Happy Monday! Take a few minutes out of your day to practice some mindful listening.

May 17, 2021Mindfulness Outside


The weather is warming up! Here are 3 Mindfulness activities that can be done outside in nature.

May 10, 2021Post Spring Semester 


It’s the first Monday post spring semester. Take some time today to relax and meditate.

May 3, 2021Pre-Exam Meditation 


It’s finals week! Take some time before your exams and do this meditation

April 26, 2021…Finals Week Meditation


It’s the last week of classes before finals. Here is guided meditation to help with test anxiety that you can use this and next week!

April 19, 2021Mindful Techniques for College Students 


With being in the last few weeks of the semester, things are getting chaotic and it can be hard to stay motivated. Here are 5 mindful techniques to help with staying focused and minimizing stress.

April 12, 2021Guided Meditation


Happy Monday ! Here is a 10 minute guided meditation to start your day!

April 5, 2021Yoga


It’s a new day! Start the day with this yoga sequence that will make you feel energized!

March 29, 2021Positive Affirmations 


Welcome back students ! We hope you had a wonderful spring break.  To get back into work mode, here are some affirmations you can say this morning.

March 22, 2021Being Present 

Happy Monday! We hope everyone is enjoying spring break. Take a few minutes out of your day to be present. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips.

12 Ideas For Being More Present In Your Life

March 15, 2021…Mindful Monday


Happy Monday! As midterms and projects due dates are coming up, you might be feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Take 10 minutes for yourself to just let go and give your brain a break.

March 8, 2021International Women’s Day 

From the AACC, #HappyInternationalWomensDay!

March 1, 2021New Month! 


It’s March! A new month to reset and focus on the goals you have set. Start your day right with a 10 minute meditation before you start your day.

A Morning Meditation to Start Your Day Mindfully

February 22, 2021Morning Yoga 


Happy Monday! Start your morning off with this yoga sequence to awaken the body and have time to yourself.

February 15, 2021Practicing Mindfulness 


Are you having troubles with practicing mindfulness? Take a few minutes to look over this article that will give you some tips.

Be Present: How to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

February 8, 2021Mindful Monday Affirmations 


Happy Monday! It’s a new week , a fresh start. Before you start your day, recite these affirmations.

February 1, 2021“Adulthood” by Nikki Giovanni 

It’s the first day of Black History Month! Today we share a clip of Nikkia Giovanni’s “Adulthood”.

January 25, 2021What Does Mindfulness Mean to You?


We always talk about practicing mindfulness and giving techniques. But, what is mindfulness really? Comment below what mindfulness means to you.

January 18, 2021MLK Day 

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Although this is a day off, take the day on through service virtually or physically!

January 11, 2021First Day of Spring Semester 

Welcome back! We hope that your first day of classes go well. Here is a quote to focus on the present. #MindfulMonday