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Try It Out Tuesdays


Recommend recipes and activities that have made you happy throughout the week.

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February 1, 2022Black History Month 

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth!

Check out our social media and website for exciting events we have coming up!

January 25, 2022Buffalo Chicken Wings


Try this Buffalo Chicken Wing recipe from Immaculate Bites! Perfect for any get together.


January 19, 2022Peanut Butter Skillet Brownie


We usually post savory bites, but try out this Peanut Butter Skillet Brownie from Dude That Cookz!

November 16, 2021Sweet Potato Pie 


Sweet potato pie is a classic fall dessert! Here is an easy recipe from Simply Lakita.

November 9, 2021...Vegan Apple Tarts 


Here is a quick, vegan, and budget friendly recipe for apple tarts from Rachel Ama.


November 2, 2021Black Pepper Cultured Butter Biscuits 


Try out this Black Pepper Cultured Butter Biscuits recipe from The Hungry Hutch!

October 26, 2021Butternut Squash Soup Recipe


Try out this great fall recipe from Butter Be Ready!

pumpkin banana bread

October 19, 2021Pumpkin Banana Bread Recipe 


Try this pumpkin banana bread recipe from Immaculate Bites. Great for Fall!

October 12, 2021Cheeseburger Pizza 


Try out the fun recipe for Cheeseburger Pizza from Dude That Cookz!

October 5, 2021Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe


It’s fall, which also means flu season is approaching. Here is a Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup recipe from Whisk it Real Gud blog.

September 28, 2021Sweet Potato Chocolate Muffin Recipe


Try out this sweet potato chocolate muffin recipe from sweet potato soul!

September 21, 2021Chick Pea Pasta Salad


Try out this recipe for Chick Pea Past salad from Marisa Moore!

macaroni salad

September 14, 2021Macaroni Salad 


Baumass Foods have great plant-based recipes! Here is one for an easy macaroni salad!

September 7, 2021Healthy Chicken Soup


Here is a healthy chicken soup recipe from Ashlea at “All The Healthy Things”!


August 31, 2021College Meals 


On campus and wondering what to cook? Or at home and trying to fit cooking healthy, low cost meals into your schedule? Here is the link for you!

August 24, 2021Sweet & Sour Chicken from Dude that Cookz 


Try this easy sweet and sour chicken recipe from Dude that Cookz!

#Chicago #UIC #UIC25 #tuesday #foodie #sweetandsour #blackchef

August 17, 2021Pizza Bowls from Simply Lakita 


Try out these pizza bowls from Simply Lakita!

August 3, 2021Southern Cheese Straws


Try out this quick and easy recipe for Southern Cheese Straws from @immaculatebites!

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #blackchefs

July 27, 20217-Up Pound Cake


Try out this 7-up pound cake recipe from @grandbabycakes!

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #blackchefs

July 20, 2021Andouille Collard Greens Soup


Try out this Andouille and Collard Greens Soup recipe from Aaron Hutcherson of The Hungry Hatch.

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #blackchefs

July 13, 2021Mango Ice Cream

#tryitouttuesday Summer is the perfect season for ice cream. Try out this vegan ice cream recipe from @jessicainthekitchen.

July 6, 2021Sweet Potato Salad


Sweet potato salad? Yup! Try out this recipe by Kevin Curry of @fitmencook.

#UIC #UIC25 #Chicago #sweetpotato #salad #foodie


Jun 29, 2021Blueberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast


Check out this recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast by chef Monique Polanco! @peaches2peaches

#chef #food #breakfast #Chicago #UIC #UIC25


June 22, 2021Homemade Popsicles 


Summer is here, which means cold treats are in. Here is are recipes and tips for homemade popsicles.

#UIC #UIC25 #chicago #summer #popsicles


June 15, 2021Millie Peartree’s Baked Mac & Cheese 


This week, we’re highlighting Chef and Food Blogger Millie Peartree and her baked Mac & Cheese recipe. Juneteenth is this Saturday, so maybe try out this recipe and bring it to the function!

#UIC #UIC25 #chicago #bakedmacandcheese

June 8, 2021…Beignets


We posted about Tiana’s Jambalya inspired by Princess and the Frog, and here are the world famous beignets!

June 1, 2021Vegan and Gluten Free Burgers


Here is a recipe for a vegan and gluten free burger that is perfect for the summer time! From Jessica in the Kitchen:

May 25, 2021Jambalaya 


One of the latest trends on Tik Tok is making food from cartoons, like this jambalaya from the Princess and the Frog. Try out this recipe and let us know what you think!

May 18, 2021Smoothies


Try out this triple berry smoothie recipe.

May 11, 2021Lemonade


Summer is approaching, which is the season of lemonade. Everyone has a recipe or favorite flavor….try one out today!

May 4, 2021Relaxation Techniques 


Feeling nervous about exams? Try out some of these relaxation techniques that are listed on this site.

April 27, 2021Healthy Foods for Finals Week


Try out some of these healthy foods and snacks during finals week!,Clark.

April 20,2021Baked Feta Pasta


Have you seen this baked feta pasta going viral on Tik Tok? Try out this recipe and tell us what you think!

April 13, 2021Make Lunch Count


Today is National Make Lunch Count day. Here are 35 lunch recipes you can try out. Which one looks good to you?


April 6, 2021Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Watch SweetPotatoSoul on YouTube try out different vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes. Which ingredient do you think is the best egg substitute? Try it out and let us know below!

March 30, 2021Salmon Burger


Darius Cooks is at it again with another recipe. This time he’s making a salmon burger. Check it out!

March 23. 2021At-Home Spa 


Since it’s spring break, make sure you take some time to relax. Try out these tips to make an inexpensive at home spa. Don’t forget to add your favorite Black-Owned products!

March 16, 2021Spinach Artichoke Dip 


Try out this Tik Tok recipe for Spinach Artichoke Dip!

March 9, 2021Napping Tips! 

#TryitoutTuesday Did you know today is #NationalNappingDay? Kids take naps but adults need them too! Check out this list of napping tips!


March 2, 2021Tortilla Hack? 


Have you tried the Tortilla hack seen on Tik Tok? If so, what ingredients did you use? For today, here is a recipe:

Viral Tortilla Hack (20+ Global Filling Ideas + Low-carb Options!)

February 23, 2021Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Wally Amos is the founder of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. Try out your own recipe of chocolate chip cookies and show us how they turned out down below.

February 16, 2021…Fish Tacos


In the mood for some fish tacos? Here is Marcus Samuelson’s Recipe he shared on You & Me This Morning.


February 9, 2021French Fry Crusted Chicken 


Don’t have any idea what to make cook tonight or looking for a new recipe to try, we have one for you. Take a look at Darius’s french fry crusted chicken!


French Fry crusted chicken strips. Because. Um. We can. Amen. Lol

♬ original sound – Darius Williams

February 2, 2021Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin 

What are your thoughts from this snippet? Do you agree with Giovanni and her view of the black woman? Let us know below.

January 26, 2021Taco Tuesday 


It’s Tuesday, AKA Taco Tuesday! Try out this recipe for Shrimp Tacos. Put a twist on it and let us know how it goes below!

Recipe: Blackened Cajun Shrimp Tacos

January 19, 2021Sleeping Schedule Tips 

#TryitoutTuesday Still trying to get your sleep schedule back on track for school? Try these tips help fix your broken sleep clock.


January 12, 2021Stretches 


Do you ever notice your body feeling stiff when you wake up or after sitting at your desk? If so, try out these different stretches.