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AACC Space Request Form

Organizations must actively participate in AACC program or event in order to use space

Due to high volume, we require a minimum of 48 hours to process your request



  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • COVID-19 Protocol * Required
    Based on University protocol, please adhere to the following conditions: 1. Meetings should not exceed stated room capacity. 2. All attendees MUST wear masks at all times. 3. Organization must sanitize before and after event with Center provided PPE. 4. All attendees MUST exercise social distancing throughout event. *By checking the box below you agree to the stated conditions.
  • Rental Space * Required
    The AACC Director reserves the right to adjust/waive fees for student organizations, department units and AACC community partners. Room set up: The AACC Library (rm 200) contains - 4 round tables , 1 rectangular table, 25 chairs (approximately), 1 side table, 1 wall-mounted flat screen tv, 2 computers, 1 microwave, and exhibit artifacts. The AACC Gallery (rm 207) contains: 6 rectangular tables, 20 chairs with arms, 1 armchair, 1 side table, 2 display cases, 1 computer, 1 wall mounted flat screen tv, exhibition artifacts.
  • Fee * Required
  • You are a: * Required
  • Be specific, e.g. public event or meeting; speaker and presentation topic.
  • List event date(s) Tours are available Monday - Thursday, 10 am - 2 pm
  • List the time(s) event starts and ends (including pre and post event cleanup)
  • List the estimated number of participants.
  • In order to qualify to use the space, your organization must participate in AACC events. Please let us know which event(s) your organization will be attending PRIOR to your event date.
  • Will food or beverages be served?
    If catering is being used, organization must arrange set up and pick up and will be responsible for cleanup and proper disposal of food, trash/waste. See policy #7.
  • Will the event be advertised?
    If yes, any event held at the AACC MUST state that it is accessible to all participants. See policy #11. Make sure to provide the AACC with advertisement copy. Any flyers posted for the event in the spaces of the AACC must be removed by the host at the end of the event.
  • Equipment Offered by the AACC
    Please indicate what items are required for your event/ meeting.
  • 1. UIC departments, units, faculty, staff, registered student organizations or AACC community partners. (Defined as organizations that actively collaborate on projects with the AACC). 2. Student organizations MUST be registered with UIC Campus Programs; newly formed student organizations may utilize the space with the permission of the director. 3. REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS THAT RESERVE SPACE IN THE AACC WITHIN A SEMESTER AGREE TO PARTICIPATE IN AACC EXHIBIT BASED PROGRAM OR EVENT WITHIN THAT SAME SEMESTER
  • 4. After hours and weekend rentals - are arranged under special circumstances by organizations/ department units that must obtain card swipe access that is coordinated between the AACC and campus security. 5. As requested by UIC Police, the AACC WILL NOT host events that extend past 8pm. 6. Members/ staff from your organization/ department unit must set and reset the room. 7. If catering is being used, organizations/ staff must arrange set up and pick up and will be responsible for cleanup and proper disposal of food, trash/ waste (no garbage should be left inside the room especially food). 8. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR COSTS INCURRED BY ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO THE AACC FACILITY, EXHIBITS ITEMS, AND/ OR EQUIPMENT AS A RESULT OF USE. 9. All organizations must turn in sign-in sheets after events before another event can be scheduled. 10. No organizations other than organization that made the request may use the space. 11. To be in compliance with UIC accessibility of event(s) held at the AACC - promotional material MUST state: "If you require any accomodations to participate, please contact the AACC" 12. Notify AACC staff if the event/ meeting is canceled as soon as possible. 13. This form does not guarantee usage of the AACC. The AACC personnel must confirm all room requests. 14. The AACC reserves the right to cancel this reservation, and in such cases will notify you promptly.
  • By signing below you agree to follow all the procedures stated in this document and to follow all policies. Failure to do so will result in the AACC denying any further space requests.