Upcoming Events


“Cintio Vitier” Cuban Arts Project: A Visual Arts Exhibition

Featuring the extraordinary talents and motivations of young visual artists from Havana, Cuba’s : Cintio Vitier” community socio-cultural project, founded by visual artist Pedro Miguel Pulido.

January 18 – June 28 / AACC Library

The Cintio Vitier exhibit brings together a wide range of abstract, acrylic, watercolor, portrait, landscape and mixed media works that creatively access legacies shaped by or in resistance to social upheaval. The exhibit also calls attention to artistic practices as mobilizing forces that convene youth and elders from divers geographic communities.


 A Choreography of Contagion: Absence and Presence of Black Bodies in Visual Culture

An African-American Cultural Center Exhibit

July 6 – August 23 / AACC Gallery

Contagion explores how people of African descent have been represented in public health campaigns. The traveling exhibit features a collage of early 20th century newspaper prints and images from private institutions, health journals and popular media alongside modern health campaigns involving global epidemics from cholera to Ebola to HIV/AIDS to malaria.


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